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About Lynn Berg


I'm a dedicated actor and physical performer with over fifteen years experience in New York independent theatre including improv and clown experience and training.  I grew up in small-town Iowa where I was taught the value of hard work and also given time and space to play and indulge my imagination.


I was a radio DJ and studied art before diving into acting.  After graduate school in Louisville I moved to Minneapolis, and started the theatre and film production company, Ten Directions, with Audrey Crabtree.  We came to New York with our first production and followed that show with countless other funny, weird and wild productions featuring physical comedy, clown, bouffon, puppetry, music and film.


I'm the co-creator and performer of the critically-acclaimed Bouffon Glass Menajoree, awarded the New York Innovative Theatre Award (NYIT Award) for Outstanding Production.  Bouffon Glass Menajoree is a production of Ten Directions.


I've received attention for my work in other theatre and film roles, too. Huffington Post said I was "excellent" as Uncle Peck in "How I Learned to Drive" and "It's Berg I'll remember best and the show is worth seeing to savor his talent."  Buzzfeed said I "was an excellent casting choice" as the oil company CEO in a climate crisis ad.


When not acting and writing I might be found drawing or beekeeping.


See News and Reviews and my Resume to find out more about me.









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