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The Last Cyclist won "Best Cast Performance" at the Melech Film Festival in Israel.  I'm proud and honored to be a part of this cast.  They're that good.

Playing Puck in Saint Louis Shakespeare Festival's socially distanced Late Summer Night's Stroll this late summer has been... a relief.  We all enjoy getting out a little, don't we?  Check out this article from River Front Times!


Was good craic playing Mayor Martin O'Doul in Flanagan's Wake at the Playhouse at Westport  in January and February.

Watch the trailer to The Last Cyclist .  The movie is screening in festivals now!

Bouffon Glass Menajoree  March 7, 8, and 9 at the Centene Center for the Arts to enthusiastic sold-out audiences.

Happy and excited to be represented by NOW Talent Management.

Captain Hagen's Bed & Breakfast  continues to play in festivals receiving Best Comedy Feature awards at New York City Independent Film Festival and Twin Tiers International Film Festival.  And thanks to Leomark Studios distribution is now available on Amazon and iTunes.  Check it out!

Now performing regularly with ComedySportz Saint Louis.

Bouffon Glass Menajoree performed in September at SIUE's Xfest.

Played with That Uppity Theatre Company's "Playback Now!" in Grand Theatre Crawl.

Very proud to play a principal in Captain Hagen's Bed & Breakfast, winner of NYC Indie Film Festival's Best Comedy Feature.  Congratulations to my fellow Captain Hagen's compatriots!  Stimmt. 

Captain Hagen's Bed & Breakfast, the feature comedy I play a principal part in, premieres at the NYC Independent Film Festival and in Los Angeles at the New Filmmakers Los Angeles festival this month.  Go to the Facebook page in the link above for more info and links to tickets.

We performed our bouffon piece Office of Illegals: Dream On at Dixon Place in January.

Truly honored to film "The Last Cyclist," a reconstruction of a comedy written in the Terezin concentration camp during WWII.  The producers filmed the play for future generations and I was overjoyed to return to the roles I played in the 2013 production.  Read more about The Last Cyclist.

Played Polonius and the Gravedigger in HVMLET, an intersectional feminist adaptation of Hamlet performing in SheNYC Arts at the Connelly Theater.  

"At the End of the Cul-De-Sac" is playing in the 2017 Palm Springs International Shortfest.  See the trailer for this film shot in one take with a drone camera here.

Currently rehearsing Polonius in "HVMLET" a radical feminist revision of Hamlet that will be performing at the Connelly Theater July 6 and 7 as part of the SheNYC Arts festival.

We performed our bouffon piece "Office of Illegal People" to universal laughter and acclaim in the Brick's "Not Normal" Festival.

"Plant: The Second Coming" was nominated for several Indie Series Awards including Best Ensemble.  See the nomination list here.  Plant is also available to watch on Seeka TV - seek it out!

"The Third Party," a political mockumentary where I play a billionaire running for President is now online.  Watch the first episode and laugh those election blues away.

Season 2 of Plant  is now streaming on Amazon Prime!

The Third Party, a political comedy by Patrick Mahoney and John Timothy and featuring a crackerjack cast of improvisers had its first screening on September 17.

I played Polonius in a workshop of "Hamlet, or I Shall Mourn the Rivers" at the Brick Theater this summer.

Just wrapped shooting "Captain Hagen's Bed & Breakfast," a comedy feature shot in the Hamptons.

A very cool film I'm excited to be featured in, "At the End of the Cul De Sac," had its first screening for cast and crew.  It's a short directed by Paul Trillo and shot in one take by drone.   It'll play in festivals soon.

I'm in Episode 2 of the new webseries Disposable Teens.


We all had a blast shooting the second season of Plant recently - here's the first teaser.   There's a nice review of the series on WebveeGuide, too.


The Clean Up which screened in various festivals won Best Short at the Provincetown International Film Festival and can now be seen on Vice's channel


Plant was recognized as Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2014 LA Web Series Festival and is screening at the Miami Web Fest in October.


2014: The FringeNYC run of Smashed received swell reviews from NY Times, NYTheaterNow, and Stage Buddy.


2014: I'm back as the infamous oil executive in the latest spot.


2014: Complex magazine noted my performance was one of the funniest parts of Liz Magic Laser's "hilarious" Bystander.


2014: Huffington Post said I was "excellent" as Uncle Peck in How I Learned to Drive and there are more favorable reviews here and here.


2014: Had the pleasure of playing Charles in Edison's Elephant at Metropolitan Playhouse, directed by Tony winner David Elliot.  Broadway World gave some nice press.


2013: I performed with a funny, talented ensemble in The Last Cyclist, a comedy written in the Terezin Ghetto. Here are reviews from The Examiner and the New York Times!


2013: A climate crisis ad I'm in is getting a lot of attention and amidst all the controversy Buzzfeed said that I was "an excellent casting choice."  I'm taking that as a compliment.  Read the article and see the video here.


2012: The triumphant return run of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Bouffon Glass Menajoree was well received. Read one of the raves.


Oct, Nov 2012: I played Simon Stimson in Our Town.  Review by Trav S.D. here.


2011: New York Times and Art In America gave positive reviews of my work as the Voice of the Living Newspaper in Liz Magic Laser's Performa11 presentation I Feel Your PainArt 21 made a swell documentary about it, too.


Watch my reel here and on my reel page.